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TEAMES & CO is rooted in the idea that effective teams deliver memorable customer experiences and exceptional business results. Our solutions are customized to ensure your path to growth outpaces your competitors and keeps your customers front and center.

We know leading a team is a big responsibility, and we want to help your team rise to that challenge! So often we meet leaders who have been promoted but never given the tools or training to be an effective team leader. Excelling in your role and excelling as a leader, requires two different skill sets.

Our First Time Leader Cohort Training is specifically designed to help new leaders build their leadership toolkit. They will learn how to set goals, communicate effectively, give and receive feedback, and most importantly how to build an exceptional team.

Making the change from an individual contributor to a first-time leader brings a new set of challenges and demands. This TEAMES Global COHORT course aims to prepare you as a manager and as a people leader. It will lead you through an 8 week series with other leaders on the same journey as you. It's exciting, it's collaborative, it's effective!

Check out our upcoming cohort schedule!

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Cohort 1:

June 6th (8 weeks)

Cohort 2:

August 1st (8 weeks)

If these dates don't work for you, please add your name to our list below and you will get a heads up on our next Cohort dates, before we launch to the general public!