Feedback: Building One of Leadership's Most Important Disciplines

Effective Feedback Course + Personalized Coaching

Learning to give (and receive) feedback well is one of the most crucial disciplines required by a successful leader.

Our objective in this course is to equip you with best practices and tactics which will make you more effective as a giver and as a receiver of feedback. We think about feedback sessions in two broad formats – formal feedback and real-time feedback. 

Together both will help you build stronger team communications, which will help you innovate and adapt along the path to success.

With this option, you will have access to the Effective Feedback course, and personalized coaching.

You will have 4 specific coaching sessions including:

  • Giving Effective Formal Feedback
  • Giving effective InFormal Feedback
  • Receiving Feedback Effectively
  • Managing COnfirmation Bias

This course is closed for enrollment.